Terms of Trade

This hire agreement relates to the person(s) or company hiring the goods, referred to as the ‘Hirer\’ and Botanical Events.

This agreement is for the hiring of good between the Hirer and Botanical Events. Placing an order with us verbally, by phone, Internet, or any other method of communication constitutes you having read, understood and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Please read this agreement carefully. Upon entering into this agreement, you the Hirer agree to be bound by the terms within.

General Terms & Conditions

The hired plants, planters and any other items belonging to Botanical Events will remain at the address/location as delivered to by Botanical Events. Under no circumstances will they be moved to another location without the expressed consent of Botanical Events.

The goods hired remain the property of Botanical Events at all times during the hire period. Botanical Events, or its legally appointed agents, reserves the right to gain access to property at all reasonable times should it become necessary to reclaim the goods hired.

Plant Maintenance

On hires covering a period exceeding 48hrs, the plants will have to be watered with mains tap water. Botanical Events staff will attend the hire site to carry out any required watering. Our staff must have access to mains water, and will abide by the current water restrictions.

No liquids/fluids/decoration/lighting or any other matter or material are to be added or attached to the compost or plant, whether accidental or otherwise, unless Botanical Events have granted their express permission.

Delivery & Collection

Botanical Events will deliver and collect all plants as per the hire agreement, at a specified time, date and location. Should the Hirer or venue prevent us from collecting any or all of the hired items at the time specified, we reserve the right to charge for any additional hire period, losses, expenses, waiting time and all additional costs in order to recollect.


During the hire period, in the event of any loss or damage (however caused) of any plants or other items hired to you by Botanical Events, you agree to reimburse Botanical Events the full retail cost of the goods lost.

Remember, you are responsible for all items hired to you under this agreement from the point of delivery to you the Hirer until the hire contract ceases, and all items hired are safely collected by Botanical Events. The actions of the Hirer’s guests and/or patrons in relation to the use and treatment of the goods are the full responsibility of the Hirer.

Decorating Plants

With prior agreement, the Hirer may decorate plants hired to them in the firm agreement that Botanical Events are compensated, in full for any damage caused to any plant by said decoration. Please ensure all decorations, ties, wires etc., are removed from the hired plants. Corrective work carried out by Botanical Events to remove decorations is charged at $50.00 per hour.

Flowering Plants

Although every effort will be made Botanical Events cannot guarantee that flowering plants (for example roses) will be in flower at the time of your event. The plants will be pruned to encourage flowering at the event date however as we are dealing with nature it is not possible to exactly predict the timing. Please be assured that the plants will be looking their absolute best and Botanical Events will always advise your selections to coincide with the seasons.

Payment Details

Botanical Events accept payment by Cheque or EFT. We operate on a strictly COD basis. Deposit

A deposit of 20% of the total hire is required by Botanical Events to secure your booking. Botanical Events will hold the deposit until the goods are collected. The deposit shall be refunded to the Hirer in full, upon the return of the hired plants, planters and any other items, in the condition in which they were hired.


Cancellations made three months before the hire date will be reimbursed in full less an administrational fee of $50. Cancellations made one month before the hire date will be subject to an administrational fee of $50 and a hire cancellation charge of $100. Cancellations made less than one month before the hire date are not eligible for a refund of the deposit. Cancellations on the day of the event will require full payment. Any booking deposits taken by us are refundable less the above (see refunds) charges in the event of your cancellation.


You are strongly advised to have adequate insurance cover in place, to guard against theft, fire, flood or accidental damage to any hired plants or other goods belonging to Botanical Events. You, as the Hirer are responsible for ensuring insurance to the full sum of replacement cost is in place for the duration of the hire period.